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Good News: Your Floors Can Become the showcase of Your Home

Isn’t it nice to read a story that’s only focused on good news?

That’s what you get here in the Marietta, GA patch, including best restaurants, best holiday destinations, a deer rescue, Atlanta’s end to veteran homelessness and more: by Deb Belt.

Marietta’s Select Floors has even more, because we’ll do such a great job with your carpet installation, that your floors will become the showcase of your house.

That will make your home truly “holiday ready.”

We know how tempting it can be to go with the least expensive, or even to (eek!) try to install it yourself, especially at this very expensive time of year.

You know what, though? You’ll just end up spending more money, and the carpet that looked so beautiful in the store, will look, to put it mildly, not-so-great at carpet installation time, because it will have rolls, bumps, wrinkles and uneven seams. Speaking of seams, if a carpet installer has to put two sections of carpet together, those seams won’t be at all noticeable, the sign of a truly good job!

Worse yet, there may even be carpet that backs up against the wall.

That’s because not all flooring installations are the same. Each flooring type has a different process, requires different skills, as well as the knowledge of different tools. For example, do you know when to use the knee-kicker, carpet stretcher or seam roller,-not to mention the other eight-plus tools that are used in carpet installation. If you don’t, either you or an inexperienced installer can end up creating permanent damage, and since it most likely won’t be done according to manufacturer standards, it also won’t be covered in the product warranty.

We make sure everyone, including the carpet installation technicians, are fully educated on the latest techniques and trends, so they guarantee their work. It’s done correctly the first time, according to the manufacturer standards, on time and on budget.

The other thing to take into account is that all rooms aren’t the same. They can have odd shapes and things like closets or baseboards. That means that precise measuring is a must.

Select Floors of Marietta, GA is known for its highly qualified carpet installers and also carries all major brands of carpet, hardwood, LVT (luxury Vinyl Tile), laminate and tile. The company has showrooms in Marietta and Roswell, GA.