Great Carpet Deserves Great Carpet Installation in Marietta, GA

At Select Floors, we firmly believe that the fine carpet we sell deserves equally great carpet installation in Marietta, GAhomes and businesses. The proper installation of any carpet requires the right tools, room measurement and skills if you want your new flooring to look its best and last for many years. Our installers are all thoroughly trained and experienced when it comes to setting down the fine products we sell.

Very few rooms are perfectly square and it is easy to make incorrect measurements, especially when there are closets and other areas (such as hallways and staircases) where accurate measurements are a must. Moreover, when pieces must be 'seamed' together without appearing to be seamed, some definite installation skills are necessary. And, if the carpet is installed too loosely, it can cause lumps that increase wear and may be tripping hazards, in addition to looking poorly.
Select Floors provides professional carpet installation that avoids these common errors and pitfalls. Our carpet installers arrive with the proper tools and commitment to deliver an effective, professional installation whether it is for a single room, or an entire home.

We provide carpet manufactured by leading, well respected companies such as Mohawk, Karastan, Ambassador, Weavepoint and others. These fine carpets are a great investment for any home and it makes good sense to have them installed professionally. Perhaps equally important, our installation prices are surprisingly affordable.

Select Floors has two showrooms, one in Marietta, GA and another in Roswell, GA. We carry over 680 carpet options for residences and over 56 for commercial applications. If you need new carpet for your home or business, we invite you to visit with us to personally see the finest carpet options in this area, as well as to hear more about our carpet installation in Marietta, GA.