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Grey Carpet Installation in Marietta, GA: Passing Fad or Timeless Classic?

At Select Floors, our Marietta and Roswell, GA flooring pros understand all too well how stressful it is to choose the best carpet installation for your home makeover. The truth is, you don't want to spend your hard-earned money on flooring that's a passing fad. Instead, you're no doubt looking for a timeless classic, a design style that will stand the test of time and not make you regret your purchase. You'll see it every day as you live your life, watch your kids run around on it, smile as your pets take a snooze on it, and without a doubt, you're in search of something truly special. Could that something special be grey carpeting?

Limitless Design Potential

As a neutral color that comes in both warm and cool tones, grey has virtually limitless design potential. By far, it's incredibly versatile, and perhaps that explains why it's always been a favorite neutral tone. However, nowadays, its popularity has grown exponentially.

Mix and Match It!

Homeowners who have bright multicolored furniture or bold, vivid decor will appreciate grey flooring as it makes for the perfect backdrop. An inviting canvas if you will, you can combine a grey carpet installation in Roswell with vibrant accent colors like orange, mustard, or red to create a dynamic, eye-catching room. Or, for a look that's completely out-of-the-box, consider pairing grey fibers with metallic colors like gold and silver. Honestly, grey works well with any color whatsoever, so you can use it to mix and match with your current home decor and furniture.

Busy Households Love Grey

The truth is, busy households love grey because it hides pretty much every speck of dust, food crumb, and pet hair. So, if you have kids and pets running amok, and you're hunting for flooring that can actually help save your sanity, then perhaps you should think of the color grey.

Go Light or Classic Dark

As you can image, there are a ton of shades of grey to select. From barely-there light greys to deep, near-black dark greys, you may be surprised at how many color options you'll find in our store. While there is no "better color tone," which type of grey you'll want basically boils down to decor preference and lifestyle. Some homeowners may wish for dark grey surfacing to have a nice contrast with their furniture and add a bit of personality to any home space, while others may opt for lighter, subtler tones that create an airy, brighter space.