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Have You Considered All-Black Carpeting?

At our Select Floors showrooms in Marietta and Roswell, GA, our on-site pros answer a wide range of questions with regards to soft surfacing. Aside from the usual concerns about durability, maintenance, and water-resistance, homeowners wonder about color trends and styles. The fact is, no one wants to spend a lot of money on a look that's a passing fad, or merely an overnight sensation. In this article, we'll be discussing the advantages of an all-black carpet installation, so Marietta, GA residents can decide if this option sounds like a good choice for their next renovation. 

All-Black! Is That a Passing Trend?

While you may be hesitant about purchasing a dark, solid tone for your upcoming redesign project, the fact of the matter is, all-black doesn't necessarily mean "only black." Instead, all-black can be anything from a combination of black tones, black-on-black patterns, and yes, even a solid black shag. If you're still suspicious about this alternative, picturing a gothic vampire's den in your mind, then you need to come into our showroom to check out our black variations, as they're some real showstoppers. Creating the perfect background for absolutely any style of home decor, an all-black surfacing allows you to redesign a room, and convert it into a stylish haven. Rustic or modern, breathe new life into your residence with such a unique choice. 

Maintenance Couldn't Be Any Easier

Not only is an all-black carpet installation an eye-catching option, but it's one that makes life a whole lot easier for busy households. There's no need to worry about kids dropping spaghetti sauce, adults spilling red wine, or pets not making it to the backyard in time. With an all-black carpet installation, not only do the high-tech, durable fibers handle foot traffic like a breeze, but it also hides mishaps better than any other fiber surfacing shade. As such, it makes for a fantastic choice for families who already have too many things to worry about, let alone fiber maintenance. With various surfacing treatment options, you can enjoy a material that can handle pretty much everything that life can drop on it!