How to Get Your Marietta Home Refinished

There comes a time when homeowners may begin to notice that their floors are looking a little worn down and sad. Natural wear and tear is to be expected, and for you lucky homeowners with hardwood flooring, we have a simple, yet perfect solution to get those floors looking new again. At Select Floors we have one the best and most experienced hardwood refinishing services in and around Marietta, Georgia. We strive to keep every home in Marietta looking its best with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

There are a few key factors that leave your hardwood floors in need of a refinish. Homes in Marietta often get a lot of sunlight during the warmer seasons. As much as we love our homes to have this wonderful natural light, your hardwood floors may begin to fade quicker than you expected. We also know how much joy your four legged companions bring into your home, but their long, sharp nails can leave your floors covered with scratches. If you begin to notice these imperfections in your Marietta home, then it may be time to consider having your hardwood floors refinished by us.

Our hardwood refinishing service is handled by some of the most qualified and experienced flooring specialists in the state of Georgia. We ensure that our team will work safely and accurately, and that they will always be on schedule. What does a full refinish entail? To put it into simple steps, our hardwood refinishers sand down your wood floors until all imperfections are gone and the floor is level.

Then they will clean it very thoroughly and apply a couple coats of brand new finish and voila… Your floors are just like new again! We at Select Floors want to help you get your hardwood floors refinished A.S.A.P. so that your Marietta home can have the best looking floors in the entire city.