Innovations in Flooring – Part Three: Modularity Tiles

If you’ve ever wanted to design your own floor utilizing bright, vibrant colors with a nearly unlimited number of geometric patterns and shapes, you’re in luck. With the invention of Modularity Tiles, you can allow your inner designer to run free and create a spectacular impression with the look and feel you’ve always dreamed of!

Modularity Tiles are actually a new twist on an old concept. Based on traditional vinyl tiles, these fresh, new interchangeable and interlocking tiles allow you to design, create, and re-create floors to your heart’s content. Past iterations consisted of peel and stick applications; the newer versions allow the customer to choose the type of adhesive desired. Temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent applications are available offering homeowners unlimited flexibility with design permutations.

One spectacular advantage is the number of styles, colors, shapes, designs, and related options. These tiles are perfect for kids’ rooms, playrooms, or even living rooms depending on your lifestyle and individual taste. The possibilities are endless. The tiles are reasonably priced, readily available, and easy to install.

Modularity Tiles are easy to maintain as well. They are dirt and stain resistant and easily cleaned through a thorough wiping (choose your disinfectant) or sweeping. If an individual tile should become irreparably damaged, simply replace it. It’s that easy.

Another terrific component to these tiles is the option of doing it yourself or having them installed professionally. Take your choice: either way, you will end up with a modern, unique floor guaranteed to create an unforgettable impression.

“We were blown away by the number of design and color permutations that are possible with Mod Tiles,” says Arnon Rosan, CEO of Signature Fencing & Flooring Systems and inventor of Modularity Tiles. “The range of design styles, installation techniques, and applications is amazing – the possibilities are truly endless.”

Although the splashy colors, geometric designs and shapes, and simple maintenance indicate a flooring option unusually suited to nurseries, children’s rooms, or even kitchens; the reality is the choices are so varied and vast, these floors could be utilized just about anywhere in your home.

The decision is limited only by your imagination.