Innovations in Flooring – Part Two: Click LVT

As advances in flooring continue to provide more options and greater affordability for homeowners, Click LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) is rapidly becoming one of the more popular choices for discerning consumers with its varied designs and ease of installation.

Many manufacturers currently offer these attractive tiles with the expensive appearance of ceramic, wood, or stone, at price points guaranteed to entice even the most cost-conscious customers. Although several different companies have jumped onto this popular bandwagon with a plethora of products, certain common themes apply across the board.

One such commonality is ease of installation. By making it easier to install the tiles with advanced adhesives enabling individuals to reduce preparation time and reposition tiles at will, this flooring option becomes even more attractive. Additionally, most of these tiles are low-maintenance; ease of cleaning and overall care combined with strong resistance to scratches, indentations or dents serves to create an overwhelmingly appealing product. Some LVTs can be cleaned with mere water and do not require waxing…ever. The timesaving and laborless aspects alone are incredibly enticing.

Other LVT offerings include a hybrid iteration presenting the best of the product’s aspects with a laminate flair. This flooring is comprised of a smooth subflooring attached to the back of the tiles along with a solid laminate finish. Another exciting product in the LVT line consists of a groutless appearance. These tiles contain pre-set grout on two sides of the tile eradicating visible seams resulting in a breathtakingly seamless appearance upon installation.

Finally, some flooring manufacturers are utilizing eco-friendly cork as an integral ingredient in LVTs. Cork provides sound installation, warmth, additional comfort, and thermal insulation. Many consumers report that the cork component provides terrific advantages to an already superior product. It appears to be an unbeatable combination in the LVT arena.

Regardless of whether you opt for an LVT flooring product boasting hybrid features or a groutless appearance, the bottom line is you can’t go wrong with the quality or price point of these amazing products. As competition for US market segments increase, the consumer emerges as the ultimate winner with greater choices and continuing affordability as manufacturers continue to offer unique flooring at attractive prices.