June is Adopt a Cat Month ~ Best Flooring Options for Pets

Pets are lovable, sweet balls of fur which greatly enhance our lives and are indisputable members of the family. But, there is no doubt they shed, have accidents, and can seriously damage carpeting and other types of floors. So, what type of flooring is your best bet when your life includes cats or dogs?

There is no doubt carpeting is the least desirable choice you could make; it soaks up stains due to its naturally porous nature and is difficult to keep clean. More than a few “accidents” guarantees you will need to replace your carpeting sooner than later. The good news is there are steps you can take to avoid this scenario.

First, choose hard, non-porous surfaces to reduce staining and permanent damage. Second, consider options such as tile, slate, polished concrete, or vinyl. All of these materials are suitable due to their inherent resistance to potential damage created by pets.

Tile is an excellent choice because of its durability and versatile nature. Available in a plethora of styles and price points, tile can add pizzazz to any room in your home while providing a nearly fool-proof surface for just about anything your pet can throw at it. You may wish to consider tiles with variations or patterns rather than single colors as they are easier to maintain and tend to hide dirt more easily.

Slate has a natural beauty which is nearly unmatched. It is available in a myriad of colors and can be resealed and polished to maintain its natural sheen. Although polished concrete is lovely and an appropriate choice, it is more expensive than other types of flooring so keep that in mind when shopping for floors. However, the variety of colors and styles can be quite stunning and remain a practical choice for pet owners.

Finally, vinyl is a surprisingly attractive and affordable option. Vinyl products these days are radically different than those of just a few years ago. Not only is vinyl pet-friendly, it is available in a variety of styles which are as equally pleasing to the eye as they are to your wallet. Not as waterproof as concrete, slate, or tile; vinyl remains a viable choice for the discriminating homeowner working within a budget.

If the thought of a cold, hard surface is unappealing, keep in mind that area rugs are a terrific addition for any room and can be easily vacuumed and washed as needed.