Marietta Homeowners Celebrate their Carpet Installation

Okay, we get it. You’re probably wondering what a story about “romantic places for the anniversary” in the Marietta section of the Atlanta Journal Constitution has to do with carpet installation: Mary Caldwell.

Well, we’ll tell you. When you make arrangements for any celebration you want it to be perfect. So you research and prepare. That’s the same for a flawless installation, and let’s remember that it’s the installation that always keeps the carpet looking beautiful and picture-perfect. (The last thing you want are rolls, bumps and uneven seams.)

So now you want this stellar carpet installation and you research and prepare; after all, the preparation is as important as the installation itself. For carpet installation in Marietta, there’s just one place to contact: Select Floors.

When you’re fully prepared, there will be much less stress on you and your family in the long-run, and you’ll have confidence in knowing that when the carpet is finally installed, it’s going to transform your home into a treasure!

Now get to work!

● Got old carpeting? Will it be okay to remove it yourself, or will the installer prefer to remove it? If it’s okay with the installer to remove it yourself, be sure to ask him if he’ll want the tack strips and staples.
● Check about furniture removal. Many installers do it, but there may be an additional cost. Find out.
● What is your “door plan?” Sometimes a door may not move freely because of the thickness of the new carpet. If so, you may need to hire a carpenter to cut the door a little so it fits. This is something you should discuss with your carpet installer before installation. He may have another “Plan B.”
● Clarify clean-up. Know what happens to any leftover carpet remnants. Sometimes the installer collects them, but sometimes they go to your own trash site. See if there are any extra fees.
● Know that installation day requires your presence, because the professional doing the carpet installation may have questions only you can answer. The worksite requires a lot of tools, so it can become a hazard and you will need to keep your family and pets safely away from it. Also, be sure the room has proper ventilation.

Select Floors offers the best in carpet installation services, as well as a large inventory of carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, and LVT (luxury vinyl tile.) The company has showrooms in Marietta and Roswell, GA.