Pebble Tiles – Practical Beauty

Last week we discussed the pros and cons of Mosaic Glass tiles. We learned there were several practical applications and a few not so practical ones. Now, we will explore the unusual and surprisingly versatile world of Pebble tiles.

There are nearly as many different types of pebbles available to create these stunning tiles as there are styles, colors, and designs. In the past, Pebble tiles were primarily utilized in showers and bathrooms; however, innovative design concepts are presenting a plethora of options for the creatively-minded homeowner.

More recent applications include Pebble tile for your fireplace or mantle. The polished appearance of pebble versus brick provides an elegant, stunning finish. These tiles can easily withstand heat and will not fade over time.

Kitchens are also popular for Pebble tile enthusiasts. The tiles lend a striking accent as a backsplash. Pebble counters are equally attractive and, of course, they can be laid as flooring to create a smooth finished appearance.

Another natural use for Pebble is outdoors. Pebble tiles are a perfect complement to your patio or deck. The innate nature of this material is resistant to extremes in temperatures; it is also highly resilient and durable. Pebble tile will even hold up to the degenerative power of water when placed in or near swimming pools! These tiles lend a natural, breathtaking aspect to nearly any outdoor setting.

The gorgeous feel and texture of Pebble cannot be overstated. The smooth surface of the polished or glazed tiles is unmatched while the natural beauty of classic, sliced or mini Pebble tiles will enhance nearly any décor.

Next time, we will review the different types of Pebble tile and various applications for your home.