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Plan Ahead! Make Sure Your Cabinet Refacing Project Goes Smoothly

We’ve all been there. First, there’s the initial excitement of moving into a new house. Then reality sets in and we realize we’re stuck with some ugly things, like the kitchen cabinets.

But it can cost several thousand dollars to replace them and you’re already pretty strapped financially from the home purchase.

What to do?

Call Select Floors; we’re not only experts on flooring, but also on cabinet refacing, so you’ll not only get a new, up-to-date look, but you’ll save some serious cash in the process.

Just be sure your cabinet boxes are in good shape. We’re talking about condition, not necessarily age, because some of the older cabinets were actually constructed much better. They last longer than some newer ones, and that makes them prime candidates for cabinet refacing.

Now, we want to be sure it all goes smoothly, so here’s a checklist as to what you should do to prepare:

1. Remove Items from Your Kitchen Cabinets. Empty cabinets; the contractor will remove the cabinet boxes, but you’ll need to deal with the insides. Remove as much as you can before the project, including breakable items, knobs and handles. Think about the kitchen utensils, plates and cookware that you’ll still need during the process. All too often, we forget about these things, and end up rummaging through boxes to look for them at the last minute.
2. Plan wisely. Will you be doing any other remodeling, such as replacing countertops or flooring? Which should you do first? Don’t decide on your own but, rather, call the contractor to ask. Needless to say, if you’re considering replacing counters or doing any other remodeling, it should all fit in with your theme.
3. Think about painting to boost your kitchen design. Nothing freshens things up like a new coat of paint. After all, if you’re going through the process of cabinet refacing, why not take it a little step further and do a “mini remodeling” of the entire room. Just make sure you plan ahead by deciding which colors, textures and finishes you’ll want. Just be sure they blend with your cabinet refacing work.

Come into Select Floors so we can show you how to achieve both style and savings. We have showrooms in Marietta and Roswell, GA.