Professional Carpet Installers Can Handle Any Problem

Sometimes an event isn’t linear, but rather it can be a series of loops and spirals. The important thing, though, is to always make sure you’re stills are up-to-date. That’s the story of Patricia Emory of Marietta, GA, a paralegal who worked in the field for 11 years, then stayed at home to raise children for another 18--and then returned to the field. But first, she went back to school.

Source: by KSU Continuing Education

When it comes to carpet installation, we’re all about staying current at Select Floors of Marietta because, well, it just isn’t always a linear thing. Sometimes things seem to go smoothly, then a challenge crops up that may include a special technique or tool. That means the person doing the carpet installation needs to be current on all techniques, at all times.

When you hire an expert for carpet installation, you know it’s to be done correctly the first time around. At Select Floors, we not only know how to install the carpet padding, but we also know how to use all of the specialty tools and how to cut the carpet for each space, including understanding how much the baseboards will affect carpet installation. We’ll give you a flawless installation with correctly aligned seams, because carpet care is what we do best.

You’ll also have peace of mind, because you’ll know that you won’t need to spend extra money to correct mistakes or-- yikes--that our labor isn’t covered under the warranty. When it comes to carpet installation in Marietta, there’s only one place to consider: Select Floors. From the moment you walk into our showroom, until the moment our installers leave your home, every aspect of the process is complete and just as you would expect it to be.

Select Floors has been in business over fifteen years, and we have served over 5,000 homeowners, in just the last ten years alone. We offer a wide variety of flooring products, including all major brands of carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, cork and bamboo, as well an entire line of green products.

Visit our showrooms in Marietta and Roswell, so we can show you how flooring should be.