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Putting Your Home on the Market? Consider a Carpet Installation First!

When you're thinking about selling your home, you'll likely run-through a checklist of things that should be fixed or replaced. Undoubtedly, you're looking to make a profit on this sale, so it's a good idea to select renovations that will increase the value of your residence. As such, think about what you can do that will give you an excellent return on investment. 

While some homeowners just want to do the basics, like painting and landscaping, you may want to consider a new carpet installation. If your flooring has stains, damage, or design flaws, carpeting is a very affordable investment that does a phenomenal job of covering up these issues. In Marietta, GA, our Select Floors showroom experts, who are also at our Roswell, GA location, can help you figure out which soft surface flooring would best suit your upcoming makeover. 

Resale Value on a Carpet Installation in Roswell and Marietta

Now, which image do you think would attract more potential purchasers? Do you think a beat-up, old wood flooring will look attractive? Or, would new, plush wall-to-wall catch their wandering eyes? But, aside from its lovely appearance, why would someone want to include this soft surfacing in a redesign? It all comes down to two things: Quick set-up and affordability. 

When opting for flooring, ask about how long a set-up takes. With hard surfacing, it can take weeks, while soft surfacing usually requires mere hours. What's more, you just can't beat the price! Ideally, when you want to sell a house, you don't want to invest more in materials than you will get in return. With a carpet installation in Marietta, there's no need to worry about it!

Choosing an Attractive Color

Sure, flaming yellow may be your all-time favorite shade, but does that make it the ideal option for a makeover? Instead of picking tones that you would love, go with neutral colors. The last thing you want is to turn buyers off. Remember, you're looking for something that will appeal to the majority of people, not you specifically. Typically, interior designers and home stagers select lighter neutrals, as this both opens up the space and creates an environment people can envision living in.