Real Estate, Pets and Carpet Installation: What’s The Link?

Real Estate, Pets and Carpet Installation: What’s The Link?

What do real estate and pets have in common? A professional carpet installation, that’s what! We’ll explain further in this post but, meanwhile, take a look at this adorable event in Marietta: by MDJ staff.

The reason pets and carpet installation have commonality is because professional carpet installation is absolutely critical to the performance of your carpet.

So leave it to the professionals and, in Marietta, that’s Select Floors.

Now, of course, there’s the basic preparation. If you have pets, make arrangements to have them out of the room where the installation is to take place or, even better, see if they can visit a neighbor for the day. It can be a fun outing for them, especially if the neighbor also has a pet with which yours can play. It also eliminates possible distractions for the technician.

As the carpet installation settles, you might experience some of the following. While they are all pretty common, they might provide some amusement and playtime for Fido or Fifi, who will just think they’re some kind of toys:

● Shedding. All it means is that fibers released from the pile as people walk on it. Lots of vacuuming is key. If you have a pet, vacuum even more, so your carpet won’t become a scratching post.
● Fuzzing. A fuzzy or beard-like appearance can develop as the fibers come loose from the yarn bundle. It means more vacuuming is needed, and be sure to do it. Not only can the carpet become a scratching post, but a dog might work, dig and even bite it to get at that beard.
● Sprouting. Sprouts are simply protrusions that come up over the carpet pile. They look almost like seeds, and most flooring retailers do consider them normal, but pets can really have fun with these, possibly creating holes and more shedding.

The bottom-line: If you do have pets, be sure to mention it to your flooring retailer so you can choose the right type of carpet for you. As an added note, sprouting can be caused by installation mistakes, such as improper stretching or trimming, or even ripping the knee-kicker, so that’s one more reason why you should always hire a professional carpet installation specialist.

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