cabinet refacing Marietta

Remodel or Cabinet Re-facing?

Sometimes as a homeowner, you just want something a little different in the kitchen. Updated appliances, a new backsplash or maybe some new window treatments, can really do the trick. But what if the only thing you want to change is your cabinets? Well, we think cabinet re-facing is an excellent way to breathe a bit of fresh air into your kitchen space. It takes less time, less budgeting, and less fuss, and you’ll be just as pleased with the results once the job is done.

With more than fifteen years in the business already, Select Floors has assisted more than 5,000 homeowners, by helping them find the perfect floor covering for their home. With a knowledgeable sales staff, the highest quality products and most reliable services, we believe in what we do, and so do those we serve. Stop by our Marietta, GA showroom anytime, and allow us the opportunity to put our knowledge to work for you too.

Sometimes, it Doesn’t Take a Full Remodel

Some situations call for a full scale remodel, there’s no doubt about it. However, there are other times when you can get by with something as simple as a cabinet re-facing, that will give you a lot of the same benefits. For example, this procedure allows you to change the entire look of your kitchen cabinets, right down to the handles and hardware.

Before starting, our team will make sure your cabinet boxes are sound. This is one of the main priorities before starting the re-facing procedure. If your boxes are damaged, or might give way, this isn’t the project for you. If the boxes are good, the next step will be to find the design you love the most, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to attain that.

Quality veneers of your choice will be put in place first. You can choose from a variety of wood looks and colors, and you’ll find something that matches everything else in your kitchen-- perfectly. New molding will also make an appearance, to perfectly frame everything. From there, you’ll be fitted with new cabinet doors and drawer faces. Finally, the hardware, door handles and drawer knobs can be changed, leaving you feeling as if you’ve had your entire kitchen remodeled.