Roswell May See New Housing Soon at Old Shopping Center

It is no secret that Roswell often has a need for more housing. One solution to that problem may be in the works, as the city council has recently voted to approve permits for conditional use of the Roswell Plaza for housing. The story that alerted us to this started with the following:

“The Roswell City Council recently approved a conditional use permit that would pave the way for redevelopment at a local shopping center. Council members approved the conditional use for the Roswell Plaza Shopping Center at 1023 Alpharetta Street. The council at its Sept. 13 meeting voted 4-3 to approve the request. Mayor Jere Wood had to cast the tie-breaking vote in favor while council members Marcelo Zapata, Michael Palermo and Kent Igleheart opposed the measure.”

Source: <a href="
">Roswell Approves Multi-Family Use At Former Southern Skillet Property</a> by Kristal Dixon.
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