Roswell Receives Big Award that Honors Town and People

Roswell got a big boost recently when it was awarded a prestigious honor by the Georgia Municipal Association. The judges gave the award to Roswell for its continued awareness and success in advancing housing offerings, job opportunity and creation, and local recreational amenities. At Select Floors, we have long believed that Roswell is a great place to live and raise a family, and this award only proves that we were right all along. Here is the first part of the article:

“ROSWELL, GA -- The Georgia Municipal Association has awarded Roswell with a 2017 Live, Work, Play City Award. The awards were presented Jan. 22 in conjunction with Georgia Trend Magazine during the GMA's annual Mayors' Day Conference. There were a total of nine cities in three population categories — small (population under 4,999), medium (5,000 to 24,999) and large (more than 25,000) — that received this year’s award.”


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We just mentioned our services in hardwood refinishing for Roswell homeowners, and that is one of the services that we are most proud of being able to offer. Wood floor refinishing is just as much art as it is a craft. It takes a lot of skill to renovate and repair a wood floor correctly, and our crew is one of the best in the area at doing those jobs. With years of experience behind them, they are able to do remarkable things when it comes to bringing an old wood floor back to life. Our customers are often amazed at the results.

If you have wood floors that are looking dull and lifeless, visit with us at one of our showrooms (Roswell or Marietta, GA), and let us tell you about the many services we offer. Once we do, you, too, will see why when it comes to hardwood refinishing, Roswell homeowners come to us first.