Safe Flooring for your Loved Ones: Disability-Friendly Surfaces

There’s no denying it – Baby Boomers are aging at an exponential pace. As the majority of adults in our country grow older, they will inevitably realize certain changes are necessary to deal with the inevitable deterioration of physical abilities.

Aging in Place” has become a popular catchphrase in our society. Basically, this phrase refers to older adults remaining in their homes versus moving into assisted living or nursing facilities. The reasons are numerous ranging from the sentimental to the pragmatic. Many individuals have resided in their homes for decades and are comfortable within their respective environments. Additionally, the cost for senior living homes has risen dramatically over the past several years and is no longer a viable option for retirees living on small, fixed incomes.

The “Aging in Place” alternative consists of modifying or renovating homes to accommodate older individuals with disabilities. Modifications can range from relatively simple measures such as placing handrails in bathrooms to increasingly complex actions requiring the addition of rooms or tearing down of walls.

Disability-friendly flooring lies somewhere in the middle. The good news is these products are readily available in a variety of price ranges. The flooring industry has kept up with current trends and is ready to offer a plethora of products guaranteed to fit any need.

Individuals who utilize canes and/or walkers typically require an extremely slip-resistant surface. In this case, you may wish to consider rubber flooring which is shock-absorbent as well as slip-resistant. Rubber will not dent and is both firm and resilient. You may be surprised to know that rubber flooring is available in a variety of colors and patterns making it an excellent option for any home.

Conversely, wheelchair users benefit from a floor that is hard and smooth such as linoleum or laminate flooring. Carpeting is not recommended nor is actual hardwood as it is more prone to indentation than laminate flooring over time. Once again, several options in a myriad of price ranges are available. Laminate floors, in particular, are impervious to indentation from wheelchairs.

As you can see, your options are truly unlimited both in cost and style. Keep in mind that disability-friendly flooring is a safe, economical alternative for every member of your family; including small children and pets so you really can’t go wrong with choosing any of these lovely, affordable floors for your home.