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Seven Reasons to Get Carpet Installation In Your Home

Wow, wow, wow! Did Marietta, Ga. ever see a lot of snow this weekend! by Ross Williams.

In fact, Marietta Square was pretty empty this past Saturday and, although some thought the combination of snow and Christmas decorations was just too pretty to ignore, the reports of downed trees also made people a little hesitant to check it out.

This past weekend was probably a time when many put carpet installation on their holiday bucket list. Just go to Marietta’s Select Floors to see what they can do.

Here are seven reasons to have a carpet installation in your home:

1. Carpet is warm. It provides actual thermal resistance because, unlike tile, it’s not a great heat conductor, so carpet retains heat, as opposed to transferring it. Bet you wish you had that this weekend!
2. Carpet installation can visually expand the room, especially if the carpet installation is wall-to-wall. It won’t chop up the room and, as someone once said, “This even gives another place to sit.”
3. Carpet installation gives a lot of design options. We’re not just talking about the large number of patterns, textures and colors that are available, but we’re also talking about the fact that carpet will coordinate with almost anything. That’s especially so if your carpet is in a neutral color, because all you’ll need to do is change the accessories to get a mini-remodeling.
4. It’s soft, and comfortable. Plush and cushy, carpet’s pleasant and easy on which to stand or sit.
5. Carpet installation reduces noise. It absorbs sounds and, when installed in a multi-level home, it acts as a sound barrier between those floors by blocking the sound transmissions. Don’t forget stairs either, because it can also reduce the sound of heavy foot traffic.
6. It cushions falls. If you’re going to fall, wouldn’t you rather do it on a soft surface than a hard one? This is good safety for everyone, but particularly for kids and the elderly.
7. It saves money over time. IF maintained properly (and that includes a professional cleaning at least once a year), carpet will last for years.

Come into Select Floors to let us show you how to get warmth and comfort in your home. We carry all major brands in hardwood, carpet, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) laminate and tile. We have showrooms in Marietta and Roswell, Ga.