cabinet refacing

Six Tips for Successful Cabinet Refacing

You’re remodeling your kitchen and you love it, but now you’re getting worried about money because expenses are piling up, like changing the water and gas lines, or even buying new appliances, not to mention the unexpected, such as finding out the subfloor needs repair.

What about the cabinets? You need more storage and an updated look, but they can be pretty expensive. Try cabinet re-facing, everything at a fraction of the cost of replacement. You’ll get an updated look and can increase the functionality if you want.

Here are six suggestions from Select Floors for a cabinet refacing you’ll love!

For Successful Cabinet Re-facing:

● Be sure your cabinets are good to go for refacing. Something can look worn, but still have “good bones,” but if there’s extensive damage, they may not be good candidates.

Don’t go by age alone, because some of the older models can actually be built better that the newer ones.

The best bet? Have your refacing pro take a look first.

● Plan and prepare for the kitchen remodeling. What style are you going for? Everything needs to coordinate, so think ahead about colors, design, traffic flow, work triangle, appliances, and be sure to discuss it with your refacing pro.

It’s not even a bad idea to take a couple of snapshots of the old kitchen, so you can have a permanent record of what goes where.

● Prepare the cabinets. Empty the cabinets completely, and remove the drawers and fronts.

Why not keep a checklist of everything that needs to be removed, so you can mark it when it’s done?

● Think about what you want and need in your “new” cabinets. Updated handles and pulls? Lighting? More shelves? Maybe a lazy Susan?

● Remember, your kitchen will be out of commission for a while, so think about meal preparation, and be sure utensils and documents are put away within easy reach.

● Contractor workspace area. This is something many forget about, but the more comfortable the worker, the better the work can turn out. There’ll be cutting, sawing, so the space. Prepare the driveway or other close parking space; there’ll surely be a need to haul debris, so be sure there are no cars or trucks blocking it from entering or exiting.

Come into the Select Floors showroom in Marietta or Roswell, GA, so we can discuss your cabinet refacing.