Stair Carpet Runners for Safety & Style

Stair runners have long been in vogue due to their inherent beauty and innate ability to add flair and style within a home. But, they are also considered a necessity when it comes to protecting family members.

Although some folks prefer the look and feel of bare wood on stairways, it is important to acknowledge that steps can create a safety hazard within your home; especially if you have small children or elderly individuals using the stairs. Slips and falls are not uncommon on steps lacking appropriate carpeting. In fact, a number of serious injuries are recorded annually as a direct result of slipping or falling on bare steps.

The good news is that the resolution to this problem is both fashionable and simple to rectify. Stair carpet runners are narrower than regular carpeting (which typically covers the entire step); resulting in a lighter, aesthetically pleasing appearance without the heaviness of full carpeting.

Stair runners are easily available in 27” and 32” widths. Custom sizes can be ordered as well. If your home experiences heavy traffic, you may wish to inquire as to the specific type of fiber within the carpet and the quality of fabric. Medium grade fibers are advisable and suitable for heavily used stairways. The fabric should consist of wool, synthetics or a nylon combination.

It is essential that installation is performed correctly. If the carpet is not installed properly, it can slip and move defeating its safety role. Although it can be installed by a non-professional, it is not recommended unless you have significant experience with carpet installation. Stair runners, in particular, require meticulous attention to detail and proper technique.

Once they are laid into place, the ensuing result can alter the entire look and feel of a home. It is a relatively inexpensive alternative guaranteed to always be in fashion!