Start the New Year with Our Hardwood Refinishing for Marietta!

For the best in hardwood refinishing, Marietta comes to Select Floors. As 2016 closes, why not think of starting the New Year with wood flooring that looks brand new, too? We can make this happen for you, and make it happen for a lot less money than you might think.

Are you tired of looking at those old, dull hardwood floors? It is not at all uncommon for wood flooring to become dull over time. In fact, this is perfectly normal. Wear and tear on your floors will remove the shiny luster that it had in past. When this happens, the solution is to resurface your flooring.

It should be noted that refinishing wood flooring is not the type of work that many flooring installers are trained to do. It takes many hours of professional education just to get started in refinishing work. Then, it takes years to truly develop the skills and expertise to perform top-quality refinishing. This is where we shine above many of our competitors; we have the highly-trained experts who can deliver outstanding results, and they can deliver that same level of quality for you.

When you allow us to refinish your flooring, we come to your home, sand away the existing surface, repair minor damage, and then apply quality stains and finishes, turning your old flooring into a new floor. You can choose the luster level that you want, the color of finish, or even select a new color, in most cases, if you wish.

Once we complete our work for you, you get more than just a beautiful floor. You also get a new protective coating on the surface of your hardwood. This can be very important, as this new protective coating will help prevent staining and fading. As you can see, for a small investment, you get a lot of benefits from our hardwood refinishing. Marietta loves to save money and get great deals, and this may be one of the best you can get these days.

Why not start the New Year with floors that shine and sparkle like new? Come by Select Floors and let us show you why we are the first choice when it comes to professional hardwood refinishing Marietta.