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The Five Traits of a Highly Effective Carpet Installation

While some of us are familiar with the best-selling book by Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, we can certainly apply some of those principles to flooring as well.

Some reviews say the book’s longevity on the best-selling list is, because the author ignores trends and pop culture.

Applying to Carpeting…

Select Floors, one of the largest carpet installation companies in the Marietta and greater Atlanta GA area, explains the long-running debate about carpet’s popularity.

Despite all the talk from the “experts” about trends, this product lives on as the number one choice of homeowners.

With all of the various fiber types, colors, textures and patterns, carpet easily fits into any home decor and design.

Four More Reasons to Choose a Carpet Installation in Marietta, GA

1. It is easy on the feet, because it’s soft and plush. The softness is especially a virtue if you have kids, elderly--or even pets.

I once worked with someone whose kid seemed to always be in an arm cast; the entire house was tiled and, even though it was beautiful, the kid was always falling and breaking his arm.

Elderly residents are often prone to falling. Some types of carpets also provide easy mobility for wheelchairs or walkers. Pet accidents are really not the number one concern if you have a dog or cat. Traction is, because the animal can slip and hurt itself.

2. It is a great insulator against noise, as well as hot and cold. Carpet decreases footsteps and other sounds. It also holds warm or cool, so the warm stays warm, and the cool stays cool.

3. It traps pollutants. There’s a lot of talk about just sweeping away dust, but that action can also make them airborne. Everything gets trapped in the fibers, and they don’t move until they are professionally cleaned out.

4. It is easy to maintain. We’re always a little stymied when we hear that carpet requires a lot of maintenance. It’s just as you’d take care of anything else. This one requires regular vacuuming, professional cleaning every 12-18 months, and wiping up spills and stains immediately (but you’d do that with any flooring!). There are even some carpets that are stain-proof, so no need to deprive you of a carpet installation, Roswell.

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