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There's No Need to Fear White Carpeting!

Yes, folks, the truth is, there's absolutely no reason to fear a white carpet installation. In Marietta, GA. Nowadays, the trend leans towards lighter shades, though white and off-white lead the list of must-have colors. How's that even possible, you might ask? Well, when it comes down to it, there are many reasons. But, the main one indeed points to modern technological advances in the manufacturing industry. If you're still wary of such a "troublesome" color, you'll want to read this helpful post, written by our Select Floors Marietta and Roswell, GA showroom pros. According to them, these are the top two reasons why a white carpet installation is a fantastic decision.

#1: New Technology Means Better Protection

As we mentioned, modern technological advances result in a friendlier soft surface flooring. Back in the day, a carpet installation in Roswell, for example, was merely a plain, untreated surfacing. That's it, there were no bells or whistles, so it's no wonder people stayed away from such a color. Of course, since the fibers weren't treated, that also meant homeowners had a full-time side-job protecting their surfacing from-- everything! From pets to kids to shoes, it's no wonder grandma used to wrap her furniture in plastic. If she could, she likely would have done the same for her precious white fibers!

#2: Cleaning Products Have Changed Over Time

Over time, cleaning agents have certainly changed. A few decades ago, the best cleaning product to combat tough stains on white surfacing fibers was bleach. Now, this chemical did do a great job on anything that needed to return to its original white color. Unfortunately, it created a dangerous chemical spill in the process. Talk about a health hazard! Thankfully, those days are in the past, and no one is forced to unknowingly inhale chemical spores from sitting bacteria and other such substances. Now, we have tough, yet eco-friendly products to clean a colorful disaster on your whiter-than-white fibers. And, it does so while keeping your indoor air quality perfect, without the presence of spores in the air. 

At this point, you really shouldn't fear white anymore! Aside from being a gorgeous design element, white fibers are a sure-fire way to add a fluid, ever-flowing quality to your home. Design-wise, there's nothing as daring or as pure, as white fibers.