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Three Reasons to Choose Carpeting Over Hard Surface Flooring

There's a lot to be said in favor of hard surface flooring, but there's a reason that carpet is still the king of the flooring world. Durable, comfortable and inviting, carpet isn't going anywhere anytime soon. In addition to all of the practical considerations just mentioned, carpet has an unbeatable range of decorative choices to lend your home a posh, upscale aesthetic, with minimum effort.

So, why should you choose a carpet installation in your Marietta, GA home? Here are three compelling reasons to go forward with that carpet installation:

1. It Keeps the Noise to a Minimum

If you're the type of person who values their peace and quiet, hard surface floors can be an absolute nightmare, especially if you have children or pets. As you probably know, the pitter-patter of little feet all-too-quickly turns into the stomping of much larger ones, and the endless clacking of a dog's claws on a hard floor can be enough to drive a person nuts.

Carpet is an excellent way to kill the racket and find a little quiet time, even when your children and pets have other ideas.

2. The Price is Nice

Hardwood floors are great, but they sure do cost a pretty penny! Carpet, on the other hand, has a much lower initial investment cost and even saves you money in other ways that you might not expect. Much the same way that carpet acts as a sound insulator, it also acts as a thermal insulator. It can help keep your house cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, saving you a bundle on heating and cooling costs.

3. Safety First!

Carpets are also a great deal safer than hard surface flooring because, obviously, they are soft! If your children or an elderly family member have a slip and fall accident, they are far less likely to sustain a serious injury, and carpet is less likely to cause a slip and fall accident to begin with!

Can't Wait to Get Some Carpet in Your Home?

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