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Three Ways That Cabinet Refacing Can Transform Your Kitchen

After plumbing and appliances, new cabinetry is one of the priciest aspects of a kitchen remodel. Most people don't realize that there is an alternative to gutting your cabinets and replacing them. A lot of times, you only need to remove the superficial aspects of your cabinetry, and replace them with something new to achieve stunning changes to the decor of your kitchen. That's where refacing comes in!

Before you go crazy and spend a bunch of money ripping up your kitchen, consider these three compelling reasons to opt for cabinet refacing over full replacement.

New Textures

One of the most dramatic ways cabinet refacing can completely alter the aesthetic landscape of your kitchen, is by simply switching out one texture for another. Imagine the visual difference you could create by simply taking off those old, flat cabinet faces, and replacing them with something a little more lively like bead board!

You can also take the opportunity to change the color or wood species of your cabinet faces, to create an entirely new atmosphere without the sticker shock you might expect.

Functional Changes

Refacing your cabinets also gives you an excellent opportunity to reassess the functional purpose of the cabinetry, in the various zones in your kitchen. If you have an annoying corner cabinet where it's impossible to reach everything inside, you might take the chance to add a lazy Susan, to make your life that much easier.

You might also consider incorporating new organizational features, such as a sliding drawer for your trash and recycle, adjustable shelves, spice rack drawers, or other nifty little space-saving devices, that can increase the overall functionality of your kitchen.

Improved Hardware and Accessories

Refacing is also an excellent opportunity to replace outdated accessories like external hinges, with something a little more functional and modern, like self-closing, 3-way adjustable hinges. It's also an excellent time to replace drawer slides with quieter, smoother mechanisms, or simply update your knobs and pulls.

We Offer Top-Notch Refacing Services

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