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Was My Carpet Installation Done Correctly?

Carpeting adds a lot of beauty and function to a home, and the installation can be tricky, especially on staircases, around baseboards and moldings, and in rooms where the carpet transitions to another flooring material.

One thing for sure is that it isn’t a do-it-yourself job! It requires special skills and tools. You spent a lot on this investment from the initial purchase, so why wouldn’t you want to protect that investment all the way to the end?

That said, an inexperienced worker can really mess up your carpet installation, Marietta, so Select Floors is going to give you some tips to help protect yourself:

1. Make sure you know the installer’s qualifications. How many carpet installations have he or she personally done? Not the company, but the installer? How long have they been doing it?

What types of carpets and manufacturers have they worked with? This is really a much more important question than you might think about carpet installation, Marietta. If the material is damaged in the installation, through no fault of either the homeowner or the installer, and the manufacturer’s specifications are not met, costs may not be covered.

What problems and challenges have they experienced? How were they solved? This question will give you an idea of their experience level.

2. Once it’s finished, take a look at the carpet installation, Roswell. Look at it to see if there are wrinkles or folds, or if it looks warped or rippled. If you see these things, it means it hasn’t been stretched properly.

Next step is to step lightly on it. If the wrinkle is gone, it means it was probably just in the padding and you never have to think about it again. On the other hand, if the wrinkle is still there, it remains it means there’s a problem with the installation.

3. Are the seams secure or loose and frayed? An installer usually secures them with tacks or tape, so the carpet won’t separate or unravel.

4. If you have stairs, be sure to take a look. Do you see any loose edges, especially where the stairs meet the wall, or is everything tightly tucked in? Do you see any gaps around banisters or railings?

If you see any of these problems, call the installer immediately to see if repair is needed.

We’ve been in business over 15 years, and we’ve served over 5,000 homeowners. From the moment you walk into our showroom, until the moment our installers leave your home, every aspect of the process is complete, just as you would expect it to be.

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