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Waterproof Flooring: Frequently Asked Questions

One of the major problems that most flooring materials, wood, in particular, run into, is issues stemming from the presence of humidity and moisture. Floors can separate, warp, buckle, and even crack, if water becomes an issue. This has led to an increasing number of flooring buyers to turn to waterproof flooring alternatives, in an effort to skip the hassle and worry having susceptible floors in areas where moisture is traditionally a problem.

Like most new things, there are a lot of questions surrounding waterproof floors, so we thought it might be good to help our clients out, by laying down the answers to a few of the most common questions we get about them.

Which Flooring Materials Are Waterproof?

The most commonly used waterproof materials for floors are tile and vinyl. The major problems that come from other flooring materials in regards to water, stem from the fact that they often employ fibrous natural materials, such as wood, in their construction. These fibrous, natural materials tend to soak up water. This can cause them to swell and even promote the growth of mold or mildew, that could damage your whole home, as well as your family's health.

Tile and vinyl flooring aren't made from materials that absorb water. So, they are free from the problems that come with other floors that are.

Where Are the Best Places in the Home to Install It?

Any room in your home where there is likely to be an expectation of standing water, liquid spills, or generally high humidity, would be a good candidate for waterproof flooring. Kitchens, bathrooms, and basements are the most common rooms that would benefit from waterproof materials.

Where Can I Find Waterproof Flooring?

You're in luck! Select Floors has a wide array of waterproof flooring materials to choose from! Simply call, email, or stop by our flooring showroom in either Marietta or Roswell, GA. Our friendly staff of flooring experts will be on hand to help guide you through the ins and outs of finding the perfect floors for your home's decor and budget, waterproof or otherwise.

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