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What Causes Wall-To-Wall Carpeting to Ripple or Buckle?

To avoid dreaded buckling due to things like humidity or improper carpet installation, Roswell homeowners will most assuredly want to read our Select Floors list of carpeting "Don'ts." No matter how much attention you pay to your carpets, they may end up with sections that seem wrinkled, wavy, or loose. This unfortunate condition is called buckling or rippling, and several things can cause it. If your wall-to-wall broadloom does end up with ripples, regardless of your incessant doting, our Marietta and Roswell showroom flooring expert advice can help you solve this problem.

Reason #1: High Humidity
High levels of humidity can cause carpet wrinkling and buckling. In regions that have four distinct seasons, this is especially common in hotter months. When high temperatures create heat, that heat can produce moisture, also known as humidity, which in turn causes a carpet installation to swell, once this moisture penetrates the fibers.

Reason #2: Dragging Furniture
When it comes to carpet, Marietta, GA homeowners must avoid dragging furniture and other heavy items across its surface, as this can cause buckling. If you do shift heavy pieces across a room, carpeting gets pulled and becomes stretched. Avoid this issue altogether by lifting the item in question to carry it over to its new spot, or by using a sheet to move it along slowly. Heavier objects may require the use of plastic sliders.

Reason #3: Improper Carpet Installation
Marietta, GA homeowners must hire professionals to ensure proper carpet installation. Skip the DIY installs, as this will only create flooring disasters. Wall-to-wall carpeting needs to be stretched tightly, then secured along carpet edges with tack strips. Without proper stretching, you run the risk of loosened carpets, which results in a ripple disaster.

Reason #4: Water Accidents
Water accidents also cause problems, resulting in too much moisture in the fibers. Improper steam cleaning, flooding, or plain-old mishaps cause fibers to become soggy, making your carpeting susceptible to stretching, thus increasing the risk of buckling.

What Can I do Now That My Carpet is Buckled?
Don't panic, because this problem can be solved with a quick call to a professional to re-stretch your flooring, a relatively inexpensive procedure. But, to skip the likelihood of permanent creasing, you'll want to address this issue right away. Once you notice any ripples or buckling, give us a call at Select Floors, and we can direct you to an expert installation team.