What on Earth is a Marmoleum Floor?

Believe it or not, linoleum flooring has evolved. Have you ever heard of “Marmoleum”floors? No? Well, don’t feel like you’re left out of the loop…most people have never heard of it – until now.

Marmoleum flooring isn’t the typical linoleum you’re used to – it’s a fresh new take on an old standard and well worth your time to investigate. Marmoleum, unlike linoleum, is made from 100% eco-friendly, green materials and is a safe alternative to other floors of a similar ilk. Marmoleum is also the ONLY linoleum floor certified as Asthma & Allergy friendly.

The ingredients used to make these floors are 100% natural and guaranteed eco-safe. Some of the typical materials used include Linseed Oil, Limestone, Wood and Cork Flour, Pigments and Jute. These materials are all sourced from natural resources and considered environmentally sound and safe.

Conventional usage of Marmoleum floors includes rooms which require natural anti-static properties that repel dirt and dust. Another viable option for Marmoleum is in your exercise room or gym area. Marmoleum can provide a natural cushion for exercise equipment and protect your sub-floor. Additionally, Marmoleum will naturally decompose and, since it is comprised of completely natural ingredients, will not release harmful toxins in to the environment.

Marmoleum also offers healthy benefits by preventing household mites. This flooring can prevent the onset of dust mites in your home by averting the accumulation of dust and dirt in your home. Another value-add is the fact that this flooring is made from all-natural, raw materials: it simply cannot create harmful toxins or aggravate health issues or allergies. It is easy to clean and comfortable to walk on. Additionally, it is available in a variety of designs and colors ensuring a match with any décor.

Finally, cleaning a Marmoleum floor is a breeze. Regular care for Marmoleum flooring includes sweeping and vacuuming on a regular basis, mopping with a slightly damp mop and air drying spills. Specific Marmoleum cleaners are also widely available. Vinegar is recommended as a safe cleaning agent among other natural cleaners. Be sure to follow all manufacturer guidelines before use.

Contact your local flooring expert today to discover the exciting benefits of Marmoleum flooring and how it can enhance your home’s decor!