When Should You Start Thinking About Hardwood Refinishing?

For hardwood refinishing, Marietta business and homeowners come to Select Floors. They do this because they know that we can deliver the best results. But, when should you start thinking about having your floors refinished? Here a few things that you should look for:

The most obvious thing is when homeowners and business owners notice a dulling to the wood floor. This loss of luster is normal, and it happens to all wood floors at some point in time. It is usually caused by the surface finish simply being worn off because of foot traffic, movement of furniture, or things of that nature.

Another sign you want to look for is spotting or fading. There can be many causes including exposure to direct sunlight, spilled fluids, or leaving an area rug in place for too long (this can lead to the covered area looking better than its surrounding area because the rug protected this small area).

Lastly, you want to look for areas where the finish has been completely worn off. These areas are now highly prone to moisture damage, as any moisture that comes into contact with the area will work its way down into the wood itself, and that can cause very big problems.

If you see any of these issues with your wood flooring, come by or call us at Select Floors. We provide the professional hardwood refinishing Marietta homeowners and businesses need to solve these issues. We have been helping this area of Georgia for years, by providing the professional-level services needed to achieve outstanding results in wood floor refinishing. Our experts can help you as well.

When you see problems with your wood flooring, even the simple one of dulling, it is important that you only hire true professionals who have been trained and know what they are doing. Taking off the old finish surface layer is not as easy as it may sound, and it requires a great deal of skill to get it done right. It also requires the right equipment and tools, and qualified personnel to use them. It is very easy to ruin a hardwood floor; working with true pro's will prevent that from happening.

Want to know more about our services? Visit Select Floors and we will explain why it is that when it comes to quality hardwood refinishing Marietta, GA comes to us first.