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Yes, Even the Allergy and Asthma-Prone Can Have Carpeting

One of the biggest myths, if not the biggest myth, is that a carpet installation will exacerbate respiratory problems.

Select Floors addresses some of the biggest myths, showing why everyone can have a carpet installation in Marietta.

First, know that carpet absolutely does not contain formaldehyde. As soon as formaldehyde was identified in as a carcinogen (in the 70s), the carpet industry immediately started removing the substance, as well as all components of the substance; as a matter of note, the carpet industry was the first to develop emission standards, and the industry tests every carpet to be sure there are no formaldehyde emissions.

Here’s a big one: Carpet fibers hold dust mites and other pollutants. The fibers do trap them, and that is a very good thing, since the substances cannot become airborne. It’s when people inhale them that the real trouble begins, and one big problem is that you can’t even see a dust mite, so you wouldn’t know if you were sweeping it away, or not. Some types of flooring just require sweeping, but this only means the particles can fly into the air and into your lungs.

It also underscores the need for regular professional cleaning, even if you vacuum regularly. The pros can get rid of the allergy-causing substances, but you can’t. Professional carpet cleaners have high-tech machinery that can remove particles that those carpet cleaning rental machines can’t even touch. These machines can dig deep to get everything out. It’s also important to remember that mold and mildew can also trigger reactions. A common mistake among novices is to use excess water and detergent, and then let the carpet air-dry; that can take a long time (especially in humid areas) and carpet gets moldy. With professional cleaning comes high-powered drying machines that will take care of it in a short time. You need to understand that mold, and water, are two of the three things that mold needs to grow. That growth can start in as little as 12 hours.

If you have a carpet installation in your Marietta, GA home, it’s recommended that you get professional cleaning at least once a year.

Select Floors has another showroom, so they can also tell you about carpet installation in Roswell.