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Yes, You Can Salvage Wet Carpeting

Just be sure to act fast!

After Florence, this somehow seems like an appropriate subject. Many in places like Marietta, GA, worry about humidity, tropical storms and hurricanes, but don’t let that stop you from having the carpet installation you’ve always dreamed of.

A carpet installation not only adds elegance to any home environment, but it’s also good for health. Unlike sweeping, which can cause pollutants to become airborne, the fibers trap those undesired substances, and they don’t move until you get the flooring professionally cleaned.

It’s also an insulator, not just from noise, but from warm and cool! With a carpet installation, Marietta, GA, you won’t hear footsteps between floors, and it will also hold onto either warm or cool.

Take Fast Action if Your Carpet Gets Wet

The one thing you never want to do is give mold and mildew a chance to start growing, and that only takes about 12 hours to start. Mold loves wet carpets, but it’s not just the water. Dirt and germs become “food” for the mold.

So dry the carpet really fast. Here are some recommendations from Select Floors. It might seem a little basic, but it’s important to follow all steps:

1. Soak up any excess water, using opened towels. Press down with your hands and feet to be sure it all gets soaked up. It’s a good idea to keep a bucket or big bowl nearby, so you can constantly wring out the towels or, better yet, just replace them.

2. Use high powered fans and a dehumidifier. If it’s dry out, open all the windows. Keep them all running overnight. Here, you’ll want to check with your flooring retailer to find out the best models to use.

3. Remove padding to let it dry separately. It can act like a sponge, and make sure it’s dry thoroughly before it’s re-installed.

4. Homeowners anywhere, including those in Roswell, GA, will want to get their carpet installation professionally cleaned--immediately! Remember, mold needs food, and dirt, sand, and germs are the perfect breeding ground, so you want to be sure the carpet is perfectly sanitized.

5. Make sure any furniture near the rug is dry. Wet wood acts as “food” for mold.

6. Be sure hands are dry before touching any electric plugs! We don’t want anyone to get electrocuted!

Feel free to come into the Select Floors showrooms in Marietta or Roswell, GA, for any further answers.