Marietta carpet installation

Your Home is Your Personal Theatre!

Marietta’s new Theatre In The Square just announced the 2018 schedule, so start your planning now: by MDJ Online Staff.

While you’re at it, the New Year is a perfect time to think about remodeling your home. Even a mini one will do, just change the flooring.

If you’ve ever been longing for carpet installation, but have been hesitant because of kids or pets or allergies, here are some facts about the three most common concerns, to ease your mind.

Before we get into that, though, there’s just one place in Marietta to go for carpet installation, and that’s Select Floors.

● Pollutants must sit on the flooring surface so I can just sweep them away; otherwise, carpet will just store them for me to breathe in. The carpet fibers actually trap the pollutants, and this has been proven time and again by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which does also recommend that you use a vacuum with a Hepa Filter. The reason for this is because Hepa is a special air filter that can trap the smallest particles which will, in turn, keep them from floating in the air.
● Carpets get too dirty and I have kids and pets, so I shouldn’t have it. All flooring needs regular cleaning and that goes for carpet. It’s made of yarn, so you clean your clothes, don’t you? In order for carpet installation to maintain its beauty for years, manufacturers recommend professional cleaning at least once a year. You should also take into account such things as color, to be sure it’s aligned with your lifestyle; for instance, you probably wouldn’t want white carpet if you have kids or pets.
● Carpet gets moldy. You need to understand mold, and know that it needs three things to grow: Food source (this can be anything, even clothing or dirt), temperature (any home can have that), and moisture (condensation, excessive water, leaks, high humidity over a lengthy period of time). Excessive water during cleaning is often the biggest culprit; that’s why professional cleaning is always recommended; they know how to dry the carpet.

Select Floors is Marietta’s most trusted source for flooring, so let our experts help you select the right carpet installation for you. Besides carpet, we also carry a large inventory of hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, vinyl and tile. We have showrooms in Marietta and Roswell, Ga.